Wild Beauty, Plate 7

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Print Plate 007.jpg

Wild Beauty, Plate 7

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Islands in the Columbia, Upper Cascades
Carleton E. Watkins, 1867

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In the 1860s the area above the Cascades was one of the most developed sites in the Gorge. Though this image shows little of the development that had taken place, it provides an excellent view of the deceptively placid reach of river that lay immediately above the unnavigable rush of water in the rapids, a hint of which appears at the right-hand edge of the photograph.

The photographs in Wild Beauty were meticulously restored and carefully prepared for print reproduction in order to capture the detail and tonal range of the original images. These beautiful archival inkjet prints are made to order from the restored digital files. Our standard sizes denote the paper size; a small border is left around the image to make framing easier. Custom sizes are easily produced, though, and priced by the square inch; if you would like to inquire about a custom size, please contact us.

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