Wild Beauty, Plate 31

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Wild Beauty, Plate 31

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Castle Rock
Arthur B. McAlpin and Charles Lamb, circa 1889

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The Portland partnership of Arthur McAlpin and Charles Lamb made scenic photographs as far north as Alaska, including a number of images in the Gorge; this one of the feature now known as Beacon Rock is unique in its use of the human figure. Reminiscent of a device used by the German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, the figure – called a Rückenfigur, person seen from the rear – functions as a stand-in for the viewer, positioned as if to say: “Look at this wondrous thing.”

The photographs in Wild Beauty were meticulously restored and carefully prepared for print reproduction in order to capture the detail and tonal range of the original images. These beautiful archival inkjet prints are made to order from the restored digital files. Our standard sizes denote the paper size; a small border is left around the image to make framing easier. Custom sizes are easily produced, though, and priced by the square inch; if you would like to inquire about a custom size, please contact us.

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