Wild Beauty, Plate 21

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Wild Beauty, Plate 21

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Indian Summer on the Columbia
Carleton E. Watkins, 1883

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Pleasant temperatures lasted far into autumn in 1883. This is one of several photographs that Watkins made on this visit from the south side of the river in the eastern Gorge, looking down the light. The reflected image of the basalt palisades suggests the stillness of the day, with the low water level providing evidence of the lateness of the season. Watkins’ extraordinary ability to capture light and atmosphere evokes a visceral sense of time and place.

The photographs in Wild Beauty were meticulously restored and carefully prepared for print reproduction in order to capture the detail and tonal range of the original images. These beautiful archival inkjet prints are made to order from the restored digital files. Our standard sizes denote the paper size; a small border is left around the image to make framing easier. Custom sizes are easily produced, though, and priced by the square inch; if you would like to inquire about a custom size, please contact us.

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